About us

The Chinese massage and acupuncture practice in Truro offers a number of traditional Chinese healing and body care techniques in Cornwall. Over the years our practice has created a loyal client base.

Traditional Chinese healing techniques have been practised for thousands of years, not only in China but also in neighbouring countries. It has spread beyond Asia all over the world overseen by various international and national organisations.

Traditional Chinese MassageChinese massage helps in the recovery of back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and headaches. It helps to overcome repetitive strain on the body from sitting too long behind a computer screen or in a car. Massage also soothes muscle strains as result of overdoing exercises or activities in sport.

Traditional Asian massage techniques combining heat treatment with the manipulation of muscles and soft tissue are done with warm smooth stones and warm bamboo. Heat is often needed in persistent cases of muscle and soft tissue problems. In muscles which are strained, often individual fibres are entangled or lactic acid has accumulated in nodes.  With soft tissue in for example the legs or upper arms, lack of circulation is a problem. In such cases a deeper massage is needed and heat during this is a major help.


Heated smooth stones. This is one of the traditional ways of dealing with persistent muscle pains or complaints about soft tissue. There is often less manipulation involved than when working with warm bamboo.

Warm bamboo. In countries where there is an abundance of bamboo, a very fast-growing plant, people started to use also bamboo instead, sometimes in combination with warmed stones. Bamboo comes in many forms and has a very hard surface with lots of silicate. It is easy to roll over muscle, and skin and joints needs silicate to remain healthy. Bamboo is also useful to help a masseur to achieve a deeper form of massage. Different shapes of bamboo are used to create very efficient and longer lasting effects, particularly because bamboo retains heat longer than stone. Our therapists use warm bamboo to complement hand manipulation. Many of our customers have tried this extension of massage to great benefit.

Chinese acupuncture is based on removing blockage and rebalancing the body through specific points identified in traditional Chinese medicine.

Ultra-fine needles are placed on these specific points and manipulated to restore the natural flow of energy and balance in the body. On the next page we describe briefly each step of our acupuncture treatment.

Our principal Lian Fang Huang trained in Chinese massage and other traditional healing techniques including acupuncture in Nanning and in London. She studied in England at the Carlton Institute, with a Diploma in Body Massage, Mechanical Massage, and Audio Sonic Massage. She is also a practitioner member of the Acupuncture Society, qualified by the UK Academy of Chinese Medicine.


Lian was born in Nanning, Southern China and lived a large part of her life there before coming to the UK.

Her practice has Chinese staff and the services are available from 10 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday. That means our last appointment slot starts at 6 o’clock. We are closed on Sundays. Book an appointment by phoning 01872 858086 or 0741 225 9232. Our location at 16 St Mary Street is close to the Cathedral and there is a nearby parking area accessible from Old Bridge street.

It is advisable to get a regular massage to help to maintain your body. Monthly visits would increase your health considerably as part of a healthy lifestyle. We all service our cars on a regular basis to make them run more efficiently, so why not give our bodies the same attention?