Chinese massage speeds up the internal working of the body. Some clients may feel a bit sleepy afterwards. Some feel thirsty, they are all normal reactions. Our advice is to rest after treatment and drink some water to rehydrate. We have drinking water or Chinese tea available. Strong drinks such as alcohol or highly caffeinated drinks should be avoided for one hour. If you feel sleepy you should avoid driving for about 20 minutes.

Health benefits of getting a massage
Although massage is a luxury treat, it is also an investment in your health. Benefits include:

  • general relaxation
  • feeling of well-being
  • enhanced mood
  • improved circulation
  • lowered blood pressure
  • improved muscle function
  • improved lymphatic flow
  • immunity boost
  • improved nervous system function
  • acid and other cellular wastes removed

It also detoxifies the body, relieves pain, enhances flexibility, relieves stress, lubricates joints, and relieves fatigue.

A sample of satisfaction statements from regular customers:

Sheree Philips
I have recommended Lian from the Chinese Massage in Truro to many friends, and all of the them have been delighted to finally find an excellence masseuse.

Heather Shields-Karsa
The best massage i have ever had. Amazing, Lian is very welcoming and warm. I left feeling like i was walking on air. Can’t wait to go back, thank you.

Jeni Fraser
I would like to keep Lian’s massages a secret, but it’s too good I am absolutely convinced that Chinese therapies are far superior to Western medicines. I am ‘Hooked’ and cannot imagine not experiencing the healing hands of Lian and her colleagues. Fantastic.

Chris Cowen
I highly recommend Lian, she is very informative and knowledgeable, my feet feel amazing.

Claire Murphy
Following neck surgery, the muscles across my shoulders and arms were very painful. However, after a few weeks treatment i had significant improvements in my condition. Lian has made a really huge difference to my pain levels, i highly recommend her.

Paul & Adele Eustice, Hayle
After major pelvic surgery 5 years ago, and 12 operations since, I was looking for a treatment that would make my body and movements more flexible with less pain. Having received physiotherapy etc. I was still looking for a treatment to help my leg and foot, in which I had no proper feeling for 5 years become more normal. After just 6 sessions at Tui-na I am able to run again. It has in fact been so beneficial that my wife is also now having treatment after a frozen shoulder and polymyalgia. She like me tried many previous treatments unsuccessfully but now has much more movement, so much that even her yoga teacher of 6 years has noticed the difference. Tui-Na is a very professional and friendly business, so if you have any aches or pain, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Paul & Adele Eustice.

Catherine Crozier
Six years ago I could not walk any distance without severe pain. Arthritis was diagnosed in both feet.  The future looked quite bleak, as even walking to the  village shop was extremely painful. My GP referred me to a surgeon, who advised against surgery because of the risks involved. Thankfully I discovered Chinese Foot Massage while visiting my stepdaughter in Hong Kong. Two treatments made a noticeable difference, so I was thrilled to find Tui-Na in Truro. The improvement in my feet has been life-changing for me, and I am immensely grateful to Lian  for her skill and care. I now think nothing of walking several miles, and do so in complete comfort. I cannot recommend Tui-Na Chinese Foot Massage strongly enough to anyone with arthritis in  their feet. I only wish more doctors knew about it!

Steve Skinner
I have Tui-Na deep tissue massage most weeks, it is a great way of helping you keep fit and  relaxed, along with a weekly training and exercise routine.

Chris Evans
The best massage I have ever had, fantastic. Great if you have any sports injuries, recommended.

Jo Whyte
My foot massage is very relaxing, but also invigorating, a good start for the day, everyone should have one.

Anne Sleeman
My oil massage is a relaxing experience, Lian is friendly and also very professional. My regular massage treatments help me to keep fit.

Alice Marier
I was getting really painful headaches for a few months that lasted all day, and after my second Head massage here, I could really feel the difference. I have had three treatments  now, and the pain is practically gone. I will definitely carry on here.

Richard Roberts
I’ve suffered neck pain together with shoulder and back pain, However  since coming here I have really noticed a difference. My neck is so much easier and more supple than it used to be. Lian is working wonders with me, thanks Lian.

Ian Baid
I have a regular foot massage with Lian, and I feel like I am walking on air afterwards. Also I have a regular back massage, to strengthen my muscles, after a fractured spine. I find the treatments very helpful, thanks Ian.

Roger Smith
I love the benefits of my regular oil massage, and it makes me feel great. Lian is the  best  practitioner in Cornwall.

Emma Russell
Fantastic treatment of massage cupping, I feel  re-energised, and my pain feels so much better now. Very recommended.

Daniella Saunders
Excellent massage, very good at relieving muscle pain and tension, highly recommended.

Peter Stewart
For my sins I live a life which is full of stress. I run to try and reduce the stress, but my knees are not the best which adds more stress. Lian managed to help my knees, and a full body massage works in a way to totally relax my body and mind. A very professional treatment, thank you.

Simon Harvey
Best massage I’ve found in Cornwall, highly recommend it.

Gordon Brown
Great treatments, friendly service, good price, I always walk out feeling so much better than when I walked in.

Laurence Meeks
Fantastic de-stress, muscle therapy, better than the chiropractor.

Sherel Philps
Best massage I have ever had, thank you.

Helen Harvey
I have a massage here as often as I can, feels great.

Steve Thomas
Had my third massage now, and it feels amazing. I have a torn disc, and each week I feel stronger, I will definitely be making this a weekly thing, many thanks Steve Thomas.

Ben Giles
Lian is amazing, as a tall person I often have back issues which are often sorted by a single visit, I highly recommend Chinese Massage.

Betty Davids
Very good massage, feel fantastic after, and relaxed. Full of energy , it’s a must to try the cupping therapy and detox, thankyou.

Yasmin Godde
A fantastic relaxing massage, and cupping was amazing. Instant relief, I felt so much looser in my muscles and was able to walk taller.

Claire Newell
Chinese Massage is amazing. Lian does a fantastic Tui-Na massage. I suffer from a severe back problem and she just takes away my pain and I feel twenty years younger.

Amy Cowper
Lian has magic hands. The best massage I have ever had, …. bar none.

Nigel Harvey Whitta
Lian is an excellent practitioner and I have made amazing progress, thankyou.

Chris Rowe
Lian really understands how to make you feel relaxed, and tailors the treatment to your exact needs. The best massage bar none! Chris Rowe.

John Frost
I can highly recommend Chinese Massage Truro. I am a plasterer by trade, and suffer with neck, shoulder and back ache. I find a visit, very helpful with my aches and pains.